Fastbind Casing-In Sheet™

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Fastbind just introduced our revolutionary Casing-In Sheet™, transforming any soft cover into a valuable hard cover book. For the first time in our history, we invented a supply that can be used with any perfect binder on the market.

The Fastbind Casing-In Sheet™ has been tested with all the major brands of perfect binding machines, from the most advanced machines with auto feeding and complete automation to the most manual ones, including our entry level Fastbind Secura. It works with both EVA and PUR binders, as any soft cover would. Until now, casing-in required several pieces of expensive and large equipment and a significant investment. That is not the case anymore. With just this special patented sheet, you can bind a soft cover , which is now ready made to case-in into a hard cover!


Techinical info

  • - Sheet size 310x480 mm (for portrait format bindings, like A4 or LETTER)
  • - Max binding thichness 6 mm
  • - Binding side is the side without logos
  • - Box includes 200 sheets